Two amnesiacs, apparently orphaned, on a journey to dethrone tyrants, reconcile kingdoms and suffer the niggling indignity of random battles. World of Final Fantasy, a game that heralds the beginning of a year of 30th Anniversary celebrations for Square Enix's flagship series, trembles with nostalgic resonance. Billed as a return to Final Fantasy's formative style (just as the company readies itself for reactions to the 15th and least conventional game in the series to date), the game revives Koichi Ishii's line-dancing, turn-based battles, as well as the careers of numerous heroes, brought out of retirement for the Disney-esque parade.

As you might expect, it's a game of cutesy nods and winks, a warm soup of fan-service, lumpy with chocobos, moogles, cactuars and all the rest. But for all the predictability, it's also a game that, at its core, answers an entirely unexpected question: would Pokémon be a better game if you could stack the monsters into a weaponised tower?

Lann and Reynn, sibling baristas who work in an abandoned (yet curiously pristine) city, soon discover that they're able to trap the local monsters, known as Mirages, in Prismariums - a kind of snow globe able to miniaturise and hoover up a creature sufficiently weakened to be 'imprismed'. Mirages prove loyal to their captors; once caught they willingly fight to enslave other fauna. World of Final Fantasy's novelty is that a Mirage can be placed on Lann and Reynn's heads, and another, smaller Mirage on top of that. In keeping with Donald Trump's guiding creed, as a tower grows in height so its maker grows in power. Each Mirage's hit points, defensive capabilities and even spells combine when stacked - until, that is, the tower is toppled, at which point its constituent elements scatter to the ground.

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The Uncharted movie has found a new director with Shawn Levy, the man who helmed both Night At The Museum films, Date Night, and Real Steel.

As reported by Deadline, the script's most recent draft was by Joe Carnahan, who wrote and directed The Grey, The A-Team, Smokin' Aces, and Narc. Apparently Carnahan was poised to direct, but ended up moving over to Sony to helm the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence vehicle Bad Boys For Life. Whatchya gonna do?

These days Levy has been busy as executive producer and sometimes director on Stranger Things, in which he helmed the third and fourth episodes in season one, and is slated to direct more in season two. He also produced the upcoming Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner sci-fi thriller Arrival.

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Acclaimed Doom modder Sergeant_Mark_IV, the person behind popular mod Brutal Doom, is releasing their upgraded version of Doom 64, Brutal Doom 64, next week on 30th October.

This PC mod will outfit Doom 64 with new special effects, particles, lightning, gore, sounds, weapon animations, enemies and cut content from Midway's 1997 spin-off. You can see how this enhanced fan remake looks in the trailer below:

Next week's release will be an early version of Brutal Doom 64, as more content will be added. The release next week will contain all 32 levels from the original game, but Sergeant_Mark_IV will still add enemies like Chaingunguy, Revenant and Mastermind in later versions. Enemies Archvile and Hellhound are planned too.

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Sonic superfans The Great Lange and Murasaki Fox have whipped up a prototype for a fan-made game called Sonic Utopia and it's got a heck of a trailer.

As you can see, Sonic Utopia reimagines the classic Sonic gameplay in an open-world 3D terrain. It looks kind of glorious, albeit in an early state. After all, The Great Lange created all the models and animation from scratch, along with most of the textures, sound and music. The engine too is proprietary, with Murasaki Fox taking credit for that one.

The mix of open-world exploration and suggested paths carved out in trails of rings suggests something like Mirror's Edge or Gravity Rush wherein you can explore at your own leisure, but the landscape will be peppered with checkpoint races that put your traversal talents to the test.

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Pixeljunk series developer Q-Games' quasi MMO town-building tower-defense sandbox game The Tomorrow Children is going free-to-play tomorrow on PS4.

The peculiar game about gathering elements to create a city went into the PS4 equivalent of Early Access back in August, though the developer insisted at the time that it was an official 1.0 release and players could just pay up front to play the game prior to its F2P release - while also snagging some nifty perks for their early support.

Players who want a boost at the off can buy the Frontier Pack for 500 Freeman Dollars, the game's currency that translates to $5 (or your local equivalent), and this will offer players Bourgeoisie papers, a Lv1. Arms License, Lv1. Tools License, an EagleCorp Jetpack, and three avatars. PS Plus members will also receive an exclusive costume should they give the game a go before 2nd November.

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Hackers attending the GeekPwn conference in Shanghai have revealed a new exploit for PlayStation 4 running on the 4.01 firmware. In a live demo you can see below, once again the Webkit browser is utilised in order to inject the exploit, which - after a conspicuous cut in the edit - jumps to a command line prompt, after which Linux is booted. NES emulation hilarity courtesy of Super Mario Bros duly follows.

Assuming the hack is authentic - and showcasing it at GeekPwn makes the odds here likely - it's the first time we've seen the PlayStation 4's system software security compromised since previous holes in the older 1.76 firmware came to light, utilised by noted hacker group fail0verflow in the first PS4 Linux demo, shown in January this year.

The hack is also significant in that firmware 4.01 - or a prior version - is likely to be installed on the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro, and the close compatibility and identical operating system used by the new hardware also makes that vulnerable to the same exploits. What is troubling about these Webkit exploits that periodically appear for PS4 is that they are granting full kernel access to the hardware, required in order to run Linux.

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How Overwatch Skill Ratings are calculated will change again for Competitive Play Season 3 which, incidentally, begins a bit earlier than expected on 1st December - there will only be one week of downtime following the 24th November end of Season 2.

In a nutshell, Skill Ratings are going to skew lower to begin with but your gains from winning games will be greater early on. Increasing always feels better than decreasing, after all, and I seem to have spent most of Season 2 trying to claw back my initial Skill Rating.

Here's principal designer Scott Mercer explaining it more betterer:

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Dark Souls 3's first DLC expansion Ashes of Ariandel launches today, and I can't wait to get stuck into it. Ashes of Ariandel transports players to a snowy landscape hidden behind a cursed painting - a set-up which will no doubt sound familiar to players who journeyed through the original Dark Souls' optional area, the Painted World of Ariamis. It's unlikely the connection is purely coincidental; there'll be plenty more lore to try and decipher (or completely ignore) by the time this DLC has done the rounds, I'd wager.

The Ariandel DLC promises new enemies, new bosses, new weapons and new PvP modes, so I thought I'd play through my first attempts live, today from 3pm. And I've roped Johnny in to spectate because, well, misery loves company.

I reserve the right to curse freely, just so we're all clear. And in case you were wondering, the DLC requires you to have access to the Cleansing Chapel located by the Cathedral of the Deep, so you will need a prior Dark Souls 3 save file to access the new content. In fact, if you want an in-depth look at what to do and what to expect from Ashes of Ariandel, you might want to check out our guide, too. Word on the street is it's best suited to players Level 80-100, so my Level 91 knight should be just fine. Should being the operative word here. Wish us luck.

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Nvidia's Pascal architecture continues its top-down steamrolling of the graphics product stack, with the arrival of the first of two more budget-orientated parts - GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050. It's the first card we're looking at today, highlighting the debut of the fully enabled version of Nvidia's GP107 processor, offering performance significantly ahead of PlayStation 4 and paired with a useful 4GB of GDDR5. GTX 1050 Ti can get you to 1080p60 in most titles with careful tweaking, but really this class of GPU is all about matching ballpark console performance with improved visuals and more consistent frame-rates.

In this fully loaded iteration of the GP107, GTX 1050 Ti features 768 CUDA core processors (a match for the last-gen GTX 950) backed by 7gbps GDDR5 memory fed by a 128-bit memory interface. But the real star of the show here is that fact that the card itself is - depending on the vendor - absolutely tiny, and in base configurations requires no additional PCI Express power. This is important. Essentially, like GTX 750 Ti and a very small selection of GTX 950s before it, this opens the door to a powerful GPU upgrade that will fit into the majority of PCs, with no additional PSU juice required. Everything comes from the meagre 75W provided by the motherboard slot and it's safe to say that we were amazed at just how much performance we managed to squeeze from this tight power envelope.

The full spec is available elsewhere on the page, but one thing that stands out immediately is that the boost clock spec is a good 300MHz lower than what we've come to expect from the Pascal line - presumably owing to the meagre 75W TDP. However, we're happy to report that the spec is highly conservative in reality. The Zotac board we were provided with happily boosts to 1650MHz out of the box without breaking a sweat, and overclocking taps out at 1850MHz, without exceeding that hard 75W limit.

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Eagle-eyed Destiny players have spotted a hidden secret in the game's new Festival of the Lost Halloween event - a special racing broom Sparrow.

The broom Sparrow is a limited-time item which anyone can find by checking the shelves on the right side of the lounge (where the jukebox is) in the Tower. (Here's a more detailed set of instructions.)

Equip it and it'll change your trusty Sparrow vehicle into a Harry Potter-style racing broom, complete the comfy seat attached.

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